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A Reusable Artesian Water Bottle:And we call it The Bottle.

Designed & Bottled by RainForest Water at Campos Lapa Verde, Costa Rica.

Designed & Bottled by RainForest Water®

Stunningly beautiful design and the most pristine artesian water from Costa Rica, bottled at source in a lifetime reusable bottle.

Partnered with Klean Kanteen®

We partnered with Klean Kanteen to bring the best reusable water bottle of all time for you to use and reuse in all your activities and daily life.

We know better.

Stunningly beautiful and by far the most ecological water in the world.

Plastic-free Bamboo Cap

Created from a single piece of 18/8 stainless steel, this unibody cap design creates a 100% stainless environment, so your drinks never touch plastic. The top is beautifully finished with sustainably harvested bamboo. 

18/8 Stainless Steel construction

BPA-Free & chip resistant. Doesn't retain or impart flavors, Backed by the lifetime Strong as Steel guarantee.

The Bottle by RainForest Water

Filled with Artesian Water

From the magical RainForest of Costa Rica, bottled at source at Campos Lapa Verde, Sarapiquí. Pura Vida!

Large 1.75" (4.4cm) opening 

The large opening allows for easy filling and pouring, fill it with ice and have your ice cold water all day long. Easy to clean.

Klean Coat™ by Klean Kanteen® 
A new standard in durability and safety for people and planet. Klean Kanteen® introduced a chip-resistant, durable Klean Coat finish that is designed with care to stand up to your inspired life.


Treeping™ - You Drink, We Plant.

Treeping Reforestation Program rewards you with reduced carbon footprint. This program focuses on germinating, planting and giving maintenance to thousands of trees in Costa Rica.


PLANTED TREES Giving back to the environment and helping reduce your carbon footprint.

0 -

PLASTIC BOTTLES Amount of less bottles in our environment, oceans and rivers.

Total area of wildlife habitat generated by planted trees.*
Amount of people breathing released oxygen by trees.*
Amount of fresh water
released by planted trees.*
Amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by planted trees.*
*Amount calculated within a period of one year.