The Status is not Quo

Our Purpose

RainForest Water became a reality as an urgent need to change the Status Quo of the beverage industry, where big corporations are not willing to innovate or ditch the single use plastic that is harming our health and our planet in alarming rates every day.

The company was incorporated in 2015 to fulfill our mission, vision and purpose.

Natural Artesian Spring Water

Our Protected Source

Inside the property of 164 hectares of pristine rainforest, located in the mystical land of Sarapiquí, there are over 12 artesian springs, where right now only the nearest three to the plant are being used. The other ones are identified, protected, but not yet being consumed.

State-of-the-art Bottling Facility

We operate under a Free Trade Zone

RainForest Water operates under the Free Trade Zone regime, which allows us to globalize the brand with the best conditions the industry can offer.

From Costa Rica to the World

Thinking globally, acting locally.

We provide competitive salaries, social and educational programs to our employees and the community of "La Esperanza de Sarapiqui", a rural and under-developed small town located in the northeast of Costa Rica.

  • The Most Beautiful

    Our bottles stand out with colorful tropical wildlife designs everywhere they go. All graphics are printed to the bottle, no labels are used.

  • The Most Sustainable

    We partnered with the best aluminum producers in the United States to create the most beautiful and sustainable water bottle in the world.

  • Artesian Spring Water

    Our water comes from a protected rainforest mountain. Artesian springs flow naturally to the surface by underground pressure using zero energy to harvest the liquid.

  • Making the World a better place

    With reforestation and wildlife protection programs in Costa Rica, we are making the world a better place for future generations to come.

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Bottled at Source in Campos Lapa Verde, Sarapiquí, Costa Rica

Located in a rural under-developed town: La Esperanza de Sarapiquí. Surrounded by cloudy mountains, We protect the source and help the community with competitive salaries, education accessibility, and environmental awareness.

at Source



Self sustained
model farm

Water flows by gravity to the bottling plant, zero emissions and zero energy waste

  • FSSC 22000 Certification

    Ensuring Food Safety and Quality in the Production of Bottled Water

  • NSF Certification

    Meeting Rigorous Standards for Product Quality and Safety

  • OU KOSHER Certification

    Meeting Strict Dietary Laws and Standards for Kosher Products

  • FDA Certification

    Meeting all standards imposed by the FDA