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Macaw Recovery Network visit to RainForest Water Headquarters

12 May 2022

From Macaw Recovery Network:

Recently, Sam and Sarah [from Macaw Recovery Network] had an inspiring visit with RainForest Water to talk about the protection and restoration of Costa Rica's forests. Our missions align and when working together we can make an even bigger impact to safeguard Great Green Macaw habitat!

RainForest Water is making a stand for the environment by producing bottled water sustainably. No more plastic bottles! Not only are their bottles sustainably made, but their designs are also incredible (we like their Scarlet Macaw design, of course)! Get your own through the link in our stories!

#macawrecoverynetwork #criticallyendangered #conservation #sustainability #habitatrestoration #RainforestWater #earthdayeveryday #nomoreplastic

Treeping: How the trees are growing? A reforestation chronicle

11 May 2022

Treeping Reforestation: Planting trees in Costa Rica with VEINSA Motors

18 December 2019

As part of the Treeping Reforestation program: You Drink, We Plant, we launched a planting activity the past December in collaboration with VEINSA Motors and Sixt Rent a Car Costa Rica

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