Treeping: How the trees are growing? A reforestation chronicle

Together we are helping the planet to be greener & healthier. When you drink RainForest Water, it means less plastic bottles in our lands, rivers and oceans and more planted trees to protect and sustain wildlife in Costa Rica.

We plant the trees in a 120 hectares property located in the rural town of La Esperanza de Sarapiquí, at the northeast of Costa Rica. This area has been historically used for cattle farming and crops plantation. When RainForest Water started operations in 2016, the Treeping Reforestation Program was born, and with it thousands of seeds started to germinate and become small trees ready to be planted. With local workers and plenty of volunteers we have been planting thousands of trees in the area, recovering large parts of land and attracting the wildlife species for nestling, feeding and reproduction.

Check out these drone photos taken in 2017 and 2021, comparing the forest coverage thanks to the reforestation efforts.  

Treeping Reforestation 2021
Treeping Reforestation 2017
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