• RainForest Water is planting thousands of trees and protecting the habitat that is crucial for the Macaws to thrive

    54% of Costa Rica’s forest cover was lost from the 40's to the 90's! This was mostly due to a booming fast-food industry in North America and the expanse of pineapple and banana plantations. Our habitat protection and restoration program: Treeping: You Drink, We Plant, focuses on germinating, planting and protecting thousands of trees. We protect the remaining Mountain Almond trees and other plant species the Great Green Macaw relies on.

  • The Macaw Recovery Network’s mission is to recover endangered parrot populations by developing and implementing best practices in conservation.

    Many parrot species are on the brink of extinction and it is a pivotal time to band together. The Network brings together organizations that are interested in the development and sharing of practical knowledge. This collective of wildlife professionals encourages increased capacity through research, training and open communication among conservationists. 

Helping the Macaws — One Bottle at a time

Our efforts go beyond reforestation and protection of wildlife habitat, we want to draw our customers attention to the importance of preservation of wildlife habitat.

We have designed a special edition bottle featuring the Great Green and the Red Macaw with important information regarding their endangered status and how you can help them thrive.