• RainForest Water: Protecting Macaw habitat, planting trees, ensuring their thriving future.

    Costa Rica lost 54% of its forests due to fast food and plantations. Our program, "Treeping: You Drink, We Plant," safeguards Macaw habitat, planting and protecting trees, including Mountain Almond.

  • Macaw Recovery Network: Saving endangered parrots through conservation best practices.

    Parrot species face extinction. MACAW Recovery Network unites organizations for knowledge sharing, research, and training in conservation.

Helping the Macaws — One Bottle at a time

Our efforts go beyond reforestation and protection of wildlife habitat, we want to draw our customers attention to the importance of preservation of wildlife habitat.

We have designed a special edition bottle featuring the Great Green and the Red Macaw with important information regarding their endangered status and how you can help them thrive.