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Quintana Roo, January 2020.

Grupo Xcaret, a leading company in sustainable tourism recreation, will implement a complete transition plan for the reduction of single-use plastic in its parks, hotels and tours during 2020.

In partnership with RainForest Water, Grupo Xcaret replaced plastic bottles with RainForest Water's reusable aluminum bottles.

The leading company in sustainable tourism recreation will stop generating 1,896,068 PET bottles and will reduce more than 8 thousand kg of waste. In addition, Grupo Xcaret will promote these actions with the campaign "Without plastics make the planet happier" in which, in addition to publicizing the actions that it will implement, it will seek to raise awareness among its collaborators, visitors, suppliers and the community of Quintana Roo by making a analogy between the time we use plastic products with how long it takes them to disappear from the planet and the comparison of using reusable or biodegradable products.


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