RainForest Water in partnership with AKKM Group is a Sponsor of EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR

RainForest Water, in collaboration with AKKM Group, is excited to announce its sponsorship of EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR. As a leading provider of sustainable water solutions, RainForest Water is committed to promoting environmental awareness and supporting global initiatives that drive positive change.


What is EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR?

EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR is a world-class event that brings together nations, businesses, and organizations to showcase their innovations, ideas, and achievements. It serves as a platform for collaboration and exchange of knowledge, focusing on key global challenges and opportunities.

Why is RainForest Water + AKKM Group sponsoring EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR?

The sponsorship of EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR aligns with its core values and mission. RainForest Water is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of preserving our natural resources, particularly water.

By sponsoring this prestigious event, we aim to inspire individuals, businesses, and governments to take action towards a more sustainable future. We believe that through collaboration and innovation, we can address the pressing environmental issues facing our planet.

RainForest Water Sustainable Bottle at EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR
RainForest Water Sustainable Bottle at EXPO 2023 DOHA QATARRainForest Water at EXPO 2023 DOHA QATAR
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