Coyote Peterson's Adventure with RainForest Water: #KissPlasticGoodbye in Costa Rica!

Coyote Peterson from Animal Planet's Brave the Wild show with an aluminum water bottle of RainForest Water in Costa Rica

Hey, nature enthusiasts!

Coyote Peterson, the fearless host of Animal Planet's "Brave the Wild," recently embarked on an epic adventure to Costa Rica, and guess what? He didn't just brave the wild; he embraced sustainability too! During his thrilling journey through Costa Rica's lush rainforests and vibrant ecosystems, Coyote had the opportunity to experience firsthand the beauty of this biodiverse paradise. But what caught his attention the most wasn't just the breathtaking landscapes or the fascinating wildlife; it was something much closer to his heart - sustainability.

As an advocate for conservation and environmental protection, Coyote was drawn to RainForest Water's innovative approach to combating plastic pollution with their KissPlasticGoodbye campaign. RainForest Water, a Costa Rican brand committed to sustainability, produces artesian bottled water using eco-friendly materials, with a mission to eliminate plastic waste. Intrigued by their eco-conscious efforts, Coyote couldn't resist giving their water a try.

Coyote Peterson showing the aluminum water bottle from RainForest Water in Costa Rica

Coyote's visit to Costa Rica wasn't just about exploring its natural wonders; it was a testament to the power of individuals and businesses coming together to protect our planet. Through initiatives like KissPlasticGoodbye, RainForest Water is not only redefining the bottled water industry but also inspiring a global movement towards a more sustainable future.

So, whether you're an adrenaline junkie like Coyote or simply someone who cares about the environment, take a cue from his adventure and join the KissPlasticGoodbye campaign. Together, let's raise our bottles of RainForest Water in solidarity and toast to a future where sustainability reigns supreme. Cheers to Coyote Peterson, RainForest Water, and the wild wonders of Costa Rica!

Check out the Instagram Reel of Coyote Peterson talking about RainForest Water

Stay wild, stay sustainable! 🌿💧

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