Costa Rica: RainForest Water company succeeds in exporting water to Singapore

It is the first Costa Rican company that exports water to that market.

By Revista Summa (see original article here.)

The Costa Rican company RainForest Water exported the first container with more than 40,000 bottles of artesian water to Singapore last April, as part of its goal of positioning in Asian markets, thanks to the collaboration of the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER). and the Embassy of Costa Rica in Singapore.

After an analysis of the potential of the Asian market and prospecting for potential buyers, RainForest Water, together with PROCOMER and the Embassy, formalized contact with Gardens by the Bay, a garden complex whose purpose is to turn Singapore into a city within a garden. Currently, this complex receives more than 8 million visitors a year.

This new alliance made RainForest Water the exclusive supplier of artesian water for the complex, taking from Costa Rica to that part of the world, a message of sustainability, conservation, reforestation and zero plastic consumption, key points to finalize the negotiation, according to what indicated Isaac Amón, RainForest Water Sales Manager.

"For RainForest Water, as an ambassador company for innovation in environmentally friendly practices, it is a great pride to be able to cross borders and reach the Asian continent with our product that carries the message of sustainability and zero plastic that characterizes us. This is one more step that allows us to revolutionize the industry, contributing to the circular economy and compliance with the values of the Essential Costa Rica country brand, which represent us and are directly linked to our business identity,” Amón added.

In addition to its admission to luxury hotel chains, restaurants, supermarkets and others in Singapore and Sentosa, this effort has allowed the Costa Rican brand to continue negotiations with theme parks in the region, opening the possibilities of marketing artesian water globally.

Pedro Beirute, general manager of PROCOMER, highlighted the importance for the country that companies like RainForest Water present themselves to the world with sustainability as their banner. “Costa Rica has opted for sustainability as its way of producing and creating development for decades, which is why at PROCOMER we have encouraged national companies to increase their competitiveness through this differentiating factor. We congratulate RainForest Water for raising the name of Costa Rica, without a doubt, this export will open the way for the development of other strategic businesses in that region of the world”.

By 2022, Costa Rican water exports reached $1.39 million, mainly to destinations such as Mexico, Panama, and the United States. This new opportunity to expand the markets for the export of water shows that good practices in the framework of sustainability and innovation are fundamental pillars to achieve the positioning of more Costa Rican companies worldwide.

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