Bottled by Nature, Served by Us 💧

Today we'd like to share with you some insights about the sustainable sourcing practices of RainForest Water. Our company's commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment is one of our core values, and we take every step possible to ensure that our water is sourced responsibly, from the artesian springs to the bottle.

RainForest Water sources its water from artesian springs that are deep underground in the SarapiquĂ­ RainForest in Costa Rica. These springs are naturally replenished by rainfall, making them a sustainable source of water. We don't use any pumps or machinery to extract the water, so there is no human intervention whatsoever.

The water flows naturally to the surface through layers of rock, where it is collected and bottled at the source. This means that RainForest Water has minimal impact on the local environment and ecosystems, as there is no need for large-scale infrastructure or transportation of the water to our bottling plant.

RainForest Water's commitment to sustainability extends beyond just the sourcing of our water. We use bottles made from 100% aluminum, which helps to reduce waste and environmental impact. 

In conclusion, RainForest Water's commitment to sustainable sourcing practices sets us apart in the bottled water industry. So, the next time you take a sip of RainForest Water, you can do so knowing that you are making a sustainable choice.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a sustainable future!

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